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Mark Twain Is Plumb Wrong

[N.B. This poem is a reaction to Mark Twain's notion that '[w]ar talk by men who have been in a war is always interesting; whereas moon talk by a poet who has not been in the moon is likely to be dull.' (source: Bartlett’s Book of Quotations, p.623 §16) .]

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Pride Eschews Crutches

A crutch wedged in a thankful pit,
Close-gripped with a knurled fist
- Suspension bridge of pure grit -
Each reached plank, a pearled day.

Water Moths Don'T Rush In

Squirm in your seat and grind your teeth,
Rub your hands and set your jaw
Right when it takes you.


Life is rich with such variety.
Makes me itch with much anxiety

For liberal action.

Line Break Liner Notes

Our lives, our souls – they're
Actually down here,

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