Yangon Legend (An Ecperimental Film By Poet Nyein Way) Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Yangon Legend (An Ecperimental Film By Poet Nyein Way)

truth has life-long capacity for hygenic natural herb for longevity and ethical patient intelligence intelligence, which is not tolerance but cosmic wisdom in nature of reality.
newdimensional harmony and new identitiless depth of lifespan with highest value and sharpest-fastest velocity of wisdom of alchemical zone of clarity quality into contemporary-postcontemporary-anachonici eras is born as l'ght for new human civilization trend ahead.
this is a narrative and mythical trithberg till now.
a new eyesight of deeply experienced is more than necessary to see through it like electro-magnetic sound and speed of light waves.
a legeng of truth.
truth is legend.
legend is truth-eye in new dimensional reality check up laboratory.
yangon is my city.

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