Yes Mama Poem by Charles Jagongo

Yes Mama

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Yes Mama,
Rivers whispered down the valley
Frogs had done their orchestra
As shadows, Sun's eye they closed and opened
With her palms, Mama wiped my sweaty face
All night long Mama I had bothered
Cries like a hooting owl, sleep evaded Mama.

Yes Mama,
In my flesh a nurse did a needle,
Like a biting ant pain shooting inside me,
Holding me tight in her bosom was Mama
Glimmer in her eyes and a song, slumber came
Fires under roof this day Mama made not,
She went in snore, a story Mama told me.

Yes Mama,
Seasons over seasons like arrows pass
Your might elude you today, though in grace
Times binding like nots of dry sinew
Engraved in my heart as stone castle
Seasons could have stopped counting
That ever forever we will be here, Mama.

Saturday, July 2, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and life
Jazib Kamalvi 22 April 2017

A very touching poem on innocence. Thanks

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Pamela Sinicrope 02 July 2016

A beautiful poem. The repetition, parsed language, and 'simple' punctuation harken back to childhood and some of our most basic memories: pure love of mother. This is the love we hold onto in times of pain and difficulty. The final stanza of your poem contains evocative imagery such as time binding like knots of dry sinew. That image in particular makes one think more than twice on the meaning. When know of sinew are dry, they bind tighter, but then, they are less flexible, and more opt to break? The same with the stone castle in the heart. That castle is long lasting, but heavy to carry. The final two lines, though, suggest your true intent...that the ties that bind mother to child (at least here on earth) are forever. Thanks for sharing your poem.

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Thanks and I surely love my mother and we all do.

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