Sandra Dodd

Rookie (April 17,1967 / Los Angeles, CA)

Yes Sir And Semper Fidelis! - Poem by Sandra Dodd

Raised on the reading
of Ms. Emily Post
I had a proper upbringing
I knew a lot about forks, linens,
stationary by fourteen
I could hostess a proper dinner
of a polite but boring crowd
The old and grey
American Legion
or the officers wives teas

So when a raucous,
boisterous boy
of the football team
asked me to the dance
you can image of my thrill
The thought of escaping
a night of symphony, protocols
pipe smoke and y'alls.
No yes sirs and no ma'ams
gave me reason to plead.

Now only how
to get the approval
of half the US Marines.
Captain Father, Corporal Brother,
My cousins and uncles-
the second fleet.
You see I had been under
lock and key with my
own fleet guarding
my every move
so that I would never regret
a youthful indiscretion.
Every young man
within focus,
they intimidated to make
a lasting impression.

NEVER to upset his dinner
I waited just a while
between the baked Alaska
the smoking pipe
'Daddy' I blurted
with too much excitement
'I have had the most
flattering invitation
for the dance of the year.
I am invited to sit,
but I wont dance with
a nice young guy.
If you let me accept
his invitation
he will come and meet you,
I am pretty sure? '

At this my mother
began to sew
at a frightening speed,
like it was competition.
His brow raised,
he paused to say
with smile so wide
I was sure I was about
to get permission!
'For you just any boy
wont due,
you will go
to the dance,
but with a proper
young man.
I know just the one,
a nice Marine of seventeen.
The son of an old crony.
Tell your boy,
thank you but you
have an obligation.'
When Captain spoke
he did not joke.
'Yes, sir' I said,
that was the

Images of a young
Jerry Lewis
Teeth like an elephant
dumb in conversation
So suave a turtles butt
would hide not
to dance with him.
That was that though
and I knew it.
He would be an
the butt of all
the dances jests,
an event of degradation,
myself traumatized
beyond graduation.

So nice was my mother
I was bought a new dress
beyond the regular budget.
shoes to go with it,
a hair pin with a pearl,
I felt like a young woman.
Jewelry from my mothers box
treat of pearls, amethyst,
and a vote of her confidence
That I would not lose them.

Soon I would
with dread and smile
meet the mystery Marine.
A picture would be taken
Then we could
get this dance over,
into my bed I planned
to careen with tears
that at the dance
I stockpiled!

A knock at the door
then they let him in.
My father, my brother
and all our kin
Only then my mother said
'You may go down the stairs,
but take care not to be
bobbing and bouncing.
Keep your head elegantly,
carry yourself
with comportment'.

At the top I had to stop
to see if it was true.
An Adonis dressed
all in dress blues!
Surely he was the driver
of the ugly other fella
waiting in the car?
Overheard my father say,
'Have her back half past ten! '
'Yes sir', he said
snapped a salute that
made my heart a twirl! '
It was true my date was
a U.S. Marine Private
from Unit Heaven.

When we walked in the doors
all the dancers stared
at the man I brought,
to me he was not a boy.
I was kinda scared
was soothed by
the adoration you could feel
from the dance floor gasping!

We danced all night
we laughed and sighed
He was quite the joker,
a gentleman for sure,
his side of the conversation
he could carry
to China and return
What I was really hoping
was that he was rule breaker.

Just before the clock
struck ten he reminded me
once again it was time to go.
In his car he said to me
'If I may before we get
to the porch lit
with the Captains eye
ask you if I may I kiss
you properly goodnight,
and tell you I'm no spy'

Ah, then he laid
on me his lips
with just a gentle pucker.
I got my first kiss from a
Private who
was first class
good looker.
Sweet and quick
but divinely wet.
Truth be told
I liked it even better
as I felt I got one over
on the Captain,
he was kinda a sucker!

Every day
for two months
he would ride
me home.
Well not all the way
for my dad
he did not know!
Suddenly, though
he was assigned
to a ship right
beside my brother.
I was glad to have known
Private Chet Glover.
As my dad said a
proper young man
ONLY hot, no spy,
also a good kisser

Under Captains watchful eye
I did not receive a letter

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