You Are So Special To Me........

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Since you accept my love,
I look forward every moment to be with you,
A night could bring me joy when I am in your arms.
You makes my soul feel happy and your love run deep in my heart.,
Nothing could be more important for me but just being with you.
Your first kiss made complete trust on you.
Your every touch made me fall in love with you forever
Your every love words melt my heart with affection
You are my inspiration of life
Your qualities reflects on me in many ways.
Even when I close my eyes I dream about you and
they can hold truth inside my heart
you are so special to me and I wanted you to know
that my heart never forgets you

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka

Copyright ©2004 Ravi Sathasivam

Nicole Etheridge 18 October 2004

Ravi this poem is really sweet.I would love it if someone wrote that to me.I really like the poem, keep up the good work. thank you Nicole etheridge. if you can or want you can e-mail me or chat with me at trouble but

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