You Got Me Cold Poem by Michael Eziudo

You Got Me Cold

Yes, my reasonability I've lost
When trying to reason this inaccessibility
When I could not phantom your unavailability
Chai, chai, I'm left stranded in this 'lone
Suddenly, I'm feeling all alone

I didn't know you had eaten this deep into me
What was I thinking, what happened to me
Am I blinded by love's charms
Or is it that the charm is as nutritious as the milk of the breasts
I see, this is your poison that dies me to life

First I thought I was lust after a woman
Scolding myself against the sin
And then I thought again
And it seemed like infatuation
But how long can any of those last
They happen immediately and die upon distraction so fast
But distraction had come a whole lot, didn't it?
Yet this thing about you consumes me

I thought love is learnt
I have passed her classroom exams and still facing a lot more of it
Yet no failure recoded, no, no carry-overs
Like learning to drive, loving you I have learnt
Can I stop loving? Ha! I laugh!
Like seriously can this thing between us ever come to the point of enough is enough?
But the impossibility is in the inability to unlearn the learnt

And so you have captivated me
A captivity I don't want to ever of it sail free
So I'm stock
Held bound by the loving of you that tied me to a rock
And I fly freely the sky of honeymoon before its time
Blown by the breeze of fantasy and prime

And now I'm held frozen alone in my world
By your hibernation that's best for our world
A mechanical shutdown that reboots you for a better you
Leaving me wearing my hat askew
None to talk with, none to gossip of the day with
Because you, my most patient ear isn't here to hear of my mouth
Through our usual parody of 'T'emi, how did your day go? '
Missing you is an understatement, wishing you're here hasn't got all the message in a go

When will this hibernation be over
When will your attention return to me
My Green Lolita, my golden lover
I look forward again to share with your company all that I see

Your love is incredible, your absence is detestable
Your smile, your voice, all assuring and remarkable
Every moment I check to see a drop of your thought
A 'Hi honey' from you I know is born of many a thought
But although you don't come to voice it
I know to you I'm more than just a thought

I'm left cold my dear mine
The absence of you is got me frozen
Alone in my world, I feel too alone
My tears flow for a reason I can't all count
On my mind, at home, in the street
There seem to be home nowhere
My love, reboot quick to come warm my heart, you hear?
This freezing cold gets even colder by the thought of your absence
I learnt to love you and I can't unlearn this
Here I am waiting soaked in my own tears

Baby, you got me cold

Monday, August 21, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love,lyrical,romantic
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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