You Know Who You Are (Sestina) Poem by Katherine Kobito

You Know Who You Are (Sestina)

Rating: 2.5

I used to be hurt. My heart was as torn as a sad clown.
Watching my world break was dispicable.
My friends betrayed me, believing rumors
instead of me. All because of you! Why
I talked to you, I know now what it was:
desperation. I thought I needed you!

My family said you were bad. I thought you
were the love of my life. You were clowning
around when I wanted more. Your heart was
so cold. What you did is dispicable!
You and I were confused. That showed me why
you were alone. Since you lost me, rumors

were spread. Rumors of my life and rumors
of who I am. At first I was hurt. You
were silent. Me at a loss as to why
you did it. I know now you were clowning
with me, saying sorry. Discpicable
to look at. Without you, I am strong. Was

I so weak that I had to talk to you? Was
I so blind that I lost Faith? Yes. Rumors
and love makes the world spin. Dispicable

like murder. Now I don't love or need you.
Faith helps me grow. Family and real friends clown
with me, but not to hurt me. I know why

I didn't listen to anyone. Why?
Cause I wanted to be in love! I was
so lost, like the mouth of a clown
lost under paint. Supposed friends heard rumors
and ran like the wind. You spread it and you
said sorry. You are dispicable.

I abhor clowns. They are dispicable,
cause they're fake. Why start fights or rumors?
You started it. I was stuck: Now I'm free!

Lana Burismo 20 September 2019

I abhor this poem, A clown, like a writer, does it for love of the craft, You don't know em, Why are you so daft? Lousy writers are despicable.

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