You'Re Not Worth It Poem by Aimee Rozen

You'Re Not Worth It

Rating: 5.0

You'd think by the way I talk
I have my life together.
That everything inside my head
would already be sorted out.
I should be standing tall
with laughter echoing inside my head.
But my problem is
the laughter is yours.
You'd think I'd be okay
after all that I've been through.
All my trials and tribulations
should have made me strong.
But my mind keeps racing
right on back to you.
But that was then
and this is now.
I shouldn't miss you this much.
I wish we could go back
to the way things were
when it was just you and me.
But you are no longer him.
I don't know you anymore.
I remember the person you used to be,
and honestly, I miss him.

Xy-za Dile 13 March 2009

sometimes hatred overcomes our love.. but we can never deny that he is that same person we used to love..

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Chelsea Moffitt 15 April 2007

I know what your talking baout in this poem very well. Its so true that the person you loved can change so much that they arent the person you fell in love with anymore but you can still think abut the old them and miss it more than anything! nice work

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