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In his shadows I hide
In his arms I seek comfort
In his love I found joy.

Undressed in silence

Summoned by anger

She used to be that girl
Green hair
Naive smile
A limpid soul, and

Polydipsic, polyuric

Terribly sweats when I’m with you

Only with u, I bike the streets of Roxas in my stretch pants.

Only with u, I learned how to drive my green car.

She’s hurting

Buried alive

Stares at the window view
Untouched by the calm winds
Deaf of this soundless niche
The vague sky

i was keen in driving
when my tummy started whispering, gurgling
i'm struggling and freaking
my bf controls my food after boxing.

If I were the Hubble telescope
I'd explore the whole wide space
From the farthest planet to the deepest crater
Only to see your face and hold you

what? how? and why?
which is the biggest lie?
could it be me?
could it be you?


How can I possibly outlive
The thorny and wacky ride of Life
Without you by my side?

My eyes are sore
and yours are too
Lay down to bed
with a pillow under your head

This heart is wounded
Desperately asking for a cure
This heart has struggled
Gave up, fighting no more

I have a friend
forgive me
can't say his name
anyway here's the story:

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In his shadows I hide
In his arms I seek comfort
In his love I found joy.

With his smile I'm contented
With his promises I'll be secured
With his presence I won't be alone

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Aisha Moosa 09 March 2009

a writer who knows to express her feelings in wonderful words, such moving ones, i liked all her poems.

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