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You'd think by the way I talk
I have my life together.
That everything inside my head
would already be sorted out.

Fleas dream of buying themselves a dog, and nobodies dream
of escaping poverty: that one magical day good luck will
suddenly rain down on them- will rain down in buckets. But
good luck doesn't even fall in a fine drizzle, no matter

Just because I lie awake in bed
and thoughts of you fill my mind,
doesn't mean I miss you.
I would never deny the fact

I dreamt about you last night
I saw you and I cried
I ran to you and kissed your lips
so wet with all my tears

The trees may stand tall
and the grass may be green,
but there is more beyond.
Ugliness can be seen.

I hope one day
it happens to you.
It happened to me
and I've done it.

You make me smile,
You make me laugh,
You please me again,
and again, and again.


I am lost and so confused
when I'm standing by your side.
I am whole and I am broken
by the smile you can't hide.

slamming doors
falling souls
things I wish to forget
things imprinted on my mind

Where did so many of us get that notion?

Did we get it from parents who hoped we would make up
for all the empty spaces in their own lives?

I hold on to these memories of you
even though you're happier with her.
I toss and turn at night
as you invade my dreams.

I'm living in a fairytale.
I believe my life too
will have a happy ending.
Disney has implanted its basis of

I'm tired of trying to make you understand
who I am.
My brain is already exhausted by
my own attempt

Have you ever gotten tired
of going in circles?
Retracing steps along a path
you had sworn never to walk again?

These scars that I bear
released my pain
many years ago.
Each has a story to tell.

I'm not quite sure
what it is about me
that makes me so forgettable.
People don't seem to understand,

Morning hasn't yet broken the spell
of the mystery night brings.
The stars hold far steadier
than this flame I write by.

legs are crossed
eyes closed tight
fight back the tears
that long to fall

Look at me now:
do you see what I've become?
You wanted to see you looking back
when you look into my eyes:

For far too long have I used you
as a guide on who to be,
when I should have learned
that it's okay to be me.

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This is where I'm supposed to tell you about myself, like it will help you understand the poems I write. But I want people to interpret them as they see fit, as it applies to their lives, however that may be. If you hand a young child a red brick, and ask them to tell you what it is, they describe it as it makes sense to them with the words in their vocabulary. As soon as you tell them it's a red brick it ceases to be what it is and has become nothing more than another red brick. Open your mind and figure out the answers for yourself. It may be harder, it may take longer, but trust me when I say it's worth it.)

The Best Poem Of Aimee Rozen

You'Re Not Worth It

You'd think by the way I talk
I have my life together.
That everything inside my head
would already be sorted out.
I should be standing tall
with laughter echoing inside my head.
But my problem is
the laughter is yours.
You'd think I'd be okay
after all that I've been through.
All my trials and tribulations
should have made me strong.
But my mind keeps racing
right on back to you.
But that was then
and this is now.
I shouldn't miss you this much.
I wish we could go back
to the way things were
when it was just you and me.
But you are no longer him.
I don't know you anymore.
I remember the person you used to be,
and honestly, I miss him.

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