You Should Die Now Poem by Michael Eziudo

You Should Die Now

Should I write you a lullaby
An appeasing poem, why
Are you just dropping from your mother's laps
And requiring colostrum
Was it because of you mother didn't see her menarche
Should we stand here like a bridge for you across the sea
From where have these kind of bones risen
Time is ticking
If you have balls between your one and other leg
Be it


Should I sing you a vexogy
Are you worth it
Should it be vexogy of victory marked
Of losses counted
Or of no victor no vanquished
War poems are not for babies
Your footmarks must be left in the sand of time
And the sand must remain till the end of time
If you have balls between your one and other leg
Be it

Should we give you a loud speaker
Would you speak in the speaker
Or would you in your closet curse
Esther would die one death in her course
But the death died when she bought life
And bought many others each his life
The sacrifice is
We must die to keep alive
Daily it is not only in the face of the rough edges
It takes rough to soften an assumed rough

Tell me your dream that you want a reality
Let this truth be your fact
Your enemy you took in at a point
Holds now the rudder to you navigate
The walls are there because you see them
Shut your eyes and the world will vanish

When what you forbid is stock up your throats
You hold your necks and forbid them from trickling down
When from your holds you die of exhaustion
Them alive would swell in courage
Your death birthed fear and strength to fight for freedom
Then we will sing you a vexogy
Not of losses counted
But a victory marked

You Should Die Now
Saturday, May 22, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: courage,war,peace,freedom,fear
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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