You Stole My Best Friend! Poem by white dove

You Stole My Best Friend!

Rating: 5.0

You stole my best friend from me,
Now she's no longer there,
Though she tells me nothing's changed,
Me, evidently she cant bear.
Lost is the joy in her eyes,
I used to see when she saw me,
Lost is the sweetness an her smiles,
That was meant especially for me.
Now all she talks is about you,
About the things u did,
About the fun u hav together,
About the way you kid.
I'm reduced to just a nodder,
Who smiles where he should,
Never felt so lonely before,
Never again I think I would.
All I can now do,
Is mourn my loss alone,
Step back from my best friend,
To be on my own.
Still I don't curse you,
And never will I do,
'Cos even though u stole her,
I'm in love with you.
And its okay I f you,
Don't reciprocate the same.
I'm so used to bein unnoticed,
That now I wont complain.
You may think I seek sympathy,
Writing this to you.
But i just wanna let you know,
What I'm going through.
I don't seek sympathy,
I don't seek love.
I don't seek anything,
No, I don't, love.

masked lady 21 December 2009

Another beautiful poem white dove! I love your poems! you write so well!

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