Tell Me Whats Wrong Poem by white dove

Tell Me Whats Wrong

Tell me o dear,
Tell me what’s wrong,
Just to give me an answer,
Why does it take so long?

Did I hurt u unknowing?
Did I say some thing unright?
Did I do anything incorrect?
Did I pick up a fight?

Tell me dear friend,
Tell me soon.
Cos I spend the nights
Tossing under the moon.

Why don’t you talk to me?
Why don’t you smile?
Why do you hurt me?
These questions are a pile!

Just tell me whats wrong,
And tell me what you feel
So I can clear the misconceptions
And my wounds can heal

And do next time around,
Hide from me never,
Cos u matter to me a lot
Now, and forever!

Shyam Balaji 15 February 2010

hey white dove, This is seriosly an awesome piece of it in a way that it reaches ur friend, ...he/she 'll surely turn to u..coz this poem is really driving the feelings..! ! keep writing..pls comment on ma poems too. regards, shyam.

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Dulakshi Wakista 15 February 2010

Wow! It's a great poem.Oh your friend should proud about you.Coz you've written this poem for your friend.Don't worry your friend will talk to you soon.Great work.

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