You Who Cannot Love Nature Poem by Francis Duggan

You Who Cannot Love Nature

Rating: 1.0

Her natural ways you only wish to control
You who cannot love Nature you do not have a soul
Our beloved Earth Goddess the source of the poet's muse
The one who sustains us and her you abuse.

A successful developer and a known millionaire
Yet you are not special and your type not rare
You have caused the death of many a tree
You cannot love Nature that seems sad to me.

You don't hear the birds sing where there once was a wood
Yet many look up to you see greed as good
Far too many people and too few who care
For the Goddess of Nature in her World out there.

You who cannot love Nature you do not understand
That we are a part of her as much as a grain of sand
And whether our remains they bury or burn
Of Nature we are and to her we'll return.

You who cannot love Nature the windows of your soul
Are covered in dark shades that are dark as coal
All of those who love Nature you look on as strange
And you snigger aloud at talk of climate change.

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