You'll Not Open Your Heart To Fears Poem by Mark Heathcote

You'll Not Open Your Heart To Fears

I would build the house of your dreams.
And when it's nightfall you'll not open your heart to fears.
But open your arms to love when darkness falls.
You'd not run away or give rise to more tears.

Oh, I would love you even if blue
The morning sun should never again call.
Oh, I would love you, even if
I should lose my way and not come back your way.

But it would be a bane, a curse.
I'd never wish for
It'd be a rocky, barren road.
And one truly lonely person, I believe
If you never loved me,
There would never be a rainbow parade.
The sound of angels and a harp
If we weren't meant to be together,
I'd lose all faith in love.
And willingness to live this empty life.

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