I've Frozen Time & Space Poem by Mark Heathcote

I've Frozen Time & Space

Rating: 4.5

Fleeting as an ocean wave;
once, surge waters knocked us both for six. 'I know-
and it is as if only-yesterday for me.
I held your hand in mine a lifetime ago.
Still, it holds at its highest peak.'
It doesn't reach the shoreline or turn tail & run,
someplace inside of me quite-unique-
I've frozen time & space; honestly, it doesn't succumb,
never do I forget how clear-
our waters coursed through our veins.
Never do I forget the oceans I'd bleed?
For you, nothing ever in me wax-or-wanes
it's as if some drop of crystal-water still holds-true.
As if love is a part & parcel of every soul
for even if it turns cloudy or murky,
I know, I too want to evaporate & sprawl
& perspire once more flawless over you
like dawns first-ever drifts of morning dew.

I've Frozen Time & Space
Tuesday, March 6, 2018
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Savita Tyagi 06 March 2018

Good poem Mark. Liked the title.

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Mark Heathcote 08 March 2018

Many thanks Savita

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Kumarmani Mahakul 08 March 2018

It is a beautiful poem on love, time and space having touching expression with nice collocation. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.

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Mark Heathcote 08 March 2018

Much obliged Kumarmani my friend.

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James G Brennan 28 May 2020

Very enjoyable poem Mark, congratulations on poem of the day.

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Mark Heathcote 28 May 2020

Very kind of you, James thank you!

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Muzahidul Reza 09 March 2018

the oceans I'd bleed, well imagery, congrats and thanks for sharing the poem with us

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Edward Kofi Louis 08 March 2018

Of every-soul! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Kim Barney 08 March 2018

Mark, Congrats on poem of the day, and nice picture to go with it!

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Akhtar Jawad 08 March 2018

Love can freeze time and space, love can melt it, love can evaporate it and love can ionize it even. Love is dynamic it goes on modifying its magic and everything inside and outside modifies accordingly. A great poem, Mark Heathcote, congrats!

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