Your Faith Poem by Randy McClave

Your Faith

You put your faith in the police
But, you still carry a gun,
You say that you believe in love and peace
But, slander you won't take none.

You say that you love all your neighbors
But, you still carry a gun,
A person is known by their deeds and labors
But, you still don't trust anyone.

You say that in your house you're the king
But, inside it you still carry a gun,
And when you hear a knock or the doorbell ring
You are ready and prepared to kill and never to stun.

You say that you're not afraid of the dark
But, underneath your pillow you keep a loaded gun,
And when you hear a neighbor's dog bark
You will cling unto it until the rising of the sun.

You say that you believe in being kind to all strangers
But, around them you still carry a gun,
You always see hate and evil and dangers
Seemingly, you were scared ever since your life had begun.

You say of no one are you ever afraid
But, only when you're carrying a rifle or a gun,
You said a weapon has never killed or lied or betrayed
So, when it's loaded you'll never walk away or run.

You said that your faith is in our Lord God
But, you always carry a gun or a rifle,
Moses's faith didn't give him a weapon, but a rod
And my faith and belief gave me not a gun for bravery, but a Bible.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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