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Your Name Is Carved Into My Soul - Poem by Emma Woods

Your name is carved into my soul and I wish it was the same with you. You make me laugh and I am whole but when I'm not with you I feel alone. I'd write you a poem - I'd weave you these words. If only I could - I can promise I would but already I think you know. When I hel you it wasn't like before. You seemed tense and somewhat insecure. You held me not for long but still I smiled and joked. I worship where you tread but please don't feel provoked. If you leant in to kiss me I swear I could cry. If you gave in to love me I swear I could die. The strangest thingI can't seem to figure out - is if you did want me would you speak it aloud? ? I know I've been stupid - There's times I've been wrong. But one kiss I crave in acceptance I long. I'e dreamt it before and I'll dream it again. These words will have to keep between paper and my pen. Sometimes I feel it's the best thing in the world - but there are also times it hurts too much too deep inside. I know it - They know it - And I know you know it too. In speech of unrequited love my eyes were struck to you. I've felt it before and I'll feel it again. The want to hold you each hour of each day. I'd love to say I'm taken and that I belong in your heart. But doubt it'll ever happen. I know it's too much to ask. I know I can't make you love me or feel any more than you do. But by the way you held me I know you know it's true. I know that there are rumours both past and current lies. I know you don't believe them but the weakness they've found is mine. There are the ones who hate me and I can not say I blame them. There are the ones who stick by me and I'm proud to say you're one of them. Your accepting nature is rare and for that I tuely thank you. In speaking aloud my feelings I feel it's too unfair to you. You make my life so bright and every morning I awake - I think of when I'll see you next and there that thought will stay. I could write so much more and would appreciate your read. To let you know how grateful I am in my every hour of need. Through a song or through a text the words I speak are your's. And if you were to accept my hand it's guaranteed there'd be no pause. It's selfish of me to go on like this and I deeply apologise. But in hope these words you'll someday read and you'll see the truth through lies. I couldn't ask for anything more than to keep you as my friend - I'd rather have you not your love than to have this be an end. You've seen me cry - You've watched me laugh - And I know I've said too much. Once again it's harder than it seems - And I'll treasure such love only in my dreams. I know you wouldn't change for any place or any time. So please don't change for me because I think you are divine. I want you to know though I know it coldn't be. I love you my dear and thank you from me x x

Wednesday 1st October 2008

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