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I love you
But I hate you
You hurt me
And you weren't true

Will you be smiling while I'm weeping?
What can I do to make you happy?
Are you smiling while I'm hurting?
Were you dancing while I waited for you?

As the moon shines and hangs in the sky
And the birds are all asleep way up high
But the trees are still and nothing is heard
And from all the houses there is not a word

His fingers are long like a pianist's touch
Looked into his eyes and made him blush
Slim and tall with eyes of jewels
His stare secure hs tease so cruel

His eyes are fixated on her soul
Her scent lingers on his clothes
Her lips want nothing more than a kiss
His hands want nothing else but her

Reverse a dream
You're just a teen
Things will seem
Like they've never been

Your hands round my waist
Your lips by my neck
Your scent and your taste
Heart flipped when we met

The wolf howls to the moon
And I call out to you
Would you ever return my cries
Even if he moon wouldn't answer the wolf?

Alone I fall while you dance and sing
And I remember what you said to me
And the things we did and do together
Did I take them all in the wrong way?

A teenage crush on a full grown man
It's bad enough for the other
Fantasising on what he can
And even worse he's a teacher

You take my lead and hold my hand in dimmed lighting
You lead me there where we become one in just a kiss
I'd give so much for you - for this moment to be truely real
I'd give you nothing else to do but breathe under hiss

Kiss my lips and brush my spine
Hold me close and take your time
Make me yours - I'll make you mine
Make a sound but please don't sigh

I can't stop thinking about you
Your beautful shining eyes
Your wonderful long hair
I feel love for you I'll never disguise

Stay with me
Hold me close
Don't leave me
I need you here


She looked at him
Her face said 'I love you'
He rose his head
His eyes said 'goodbye'

Because as you slept I stroked your hair and cherished the warmth beside me
You never knew but it is the truth I kissed your lips just lightly
I pulled away and I smile to say you whispered my name so slightly
And as I slept I dreamt of you of the kiss you always deny me

I swear you do it just how you want it
You do it to me descreet and unknown
Unknown to their eyes but mind games you flaunt
Look into my eyes I know that you know

Emma Woods Biography

I've been writing poems ever since I can remember and I spend my free time writing poems and songs, playing the drums, drawing and reading. I am a drummer in several bands. Although we don't like to put our music into any genre, we do vary from soft indie rock to heavy metal. I use many of my poems in the band which we alter into songs. I am extremely musicly inspired and I listen to AFI, Placebo, Blaqk Audio, The Kooks, Son Of Sam, The 69 Eyes, MGMT, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Tarjia Turunen, Nightwish, Schiller, Jeffree Star, Cradle Of Filth, The Automatic, The Moxy, HIM, a little Good Charlotte, Trivium, One Night Only, MSI, Go Audio, Deathstars, some 3o Seconds To Mars, some Coldplay, Indochine, The Medic Droid, Blink 182, a little Bob Marley, Jimmy Eat World, some Paulina Rubio, Kings Of Leon, Mike Terrana (drummer) , Timo Maas, Boys Like Girls, Sugarcult, Alpinestars, Trash Palace, Cat The Dog, and I love the hardcore drummer Joey Jordison and my all time favourite drummer Thomas Lang. I am very sociable although I do like to stay in my comfort zone at home. I love going to places that I have never been before. This inspires me both musically and artistically. I have poems and writing papers scattered around my room everywhere and have created a small book entitled 'Passion By Emma Woods' with many poems inside. I made the entire book and painted it black and red and when I look back at it, I realise just how long ago I actually made it due to my writing skills changing all the time.)

The Best Poem Of Emma Woods

Your Truth And Your Lies

I love you
But I hate you
You hurt me
And you weren't true
You're a coward
You're a tart
You're a soul
With no heart
You're a b**ch
You cut me up
You're a witch
Not who I loved
It was just a fling
You were so cruel
Yet all I can think
Is did I hurt you?
Why do I think
So much about you?
How did I know
T'was too good to be true
You think you know me
I know you don't
You said you were sorry
But I'm still alone
I know you didn't mean it
I know you never cared
How much you meant
How much I was scared
I was scared to loose you
But I realise now
I don't even need you
You're a lying cow
So why do I still love you?
Why do I still care?
Although I know the truth
I can't get over you my dear

Thursday 27th to the 28th of March 2008

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p.a. noushad 31 March 2014

Emma Woods, your poems are really touching me.

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Seth Mutau 13 September 2008

wow emma you have gr8 poems there....i would say they bring a lot of memories...they are nicelly written....nice

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