A Love All Inclusive Poem by Greg Oosterhouse

A Love All Inclusive

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I've been given a gift,
It is a gift so grand.
It is a gift so great,
It will not fit in my hand.
It's meant to be shared
For as long as I live.
It is from the Lord,
It's a love all inclusive.

It has a special name,
It is LTTL.
It's for him and her
And for you as well.
Hate has no chance,
It just cannot live
With this powerful force,
This love all inclusive.

Romeo Della Valle 18 July 2011

Wow! Greg...what an impressive write, well penned and poignant. What I like the most is your honesty in this spiritually touching poem! 10+++ Keep inspiring the World with your great TALENT! God Bless You for always! Love and Peace, Romeo

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brother. i absolutely love this peice. thank you! ! !

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Emilia Young 18 November 2006

Wow, Greg...an Excellent Write..A Love All Inclusive...truly, God's Love is so mysterious & boundless...you've chosen just the Apt Title to illustrate His Love.. May God abide in you this day & forever... Greetings, emilia :)

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Arthur Tugman 10 November 2006

Greg, I just joined up and posted my first poem. Love your work. So glad I could follow you over here from Poet's Workshop. Now, tell me what does LTTL stand for?

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