Your Soul Beauty Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Your Soul Beauty

You are my an angel flying in the midst of my heaven having everlasting love to reach my delight.

I dwelt on the earth of you are kinda everyone saith with a loud dust taking me to your door.

Sailing your ships upon the shores that once are out of reach turns the silence into cold water.

Trying to go one way it's such a strong side, smiles got it nah place for the brokenhearted.

It's never easy and when feeling blue there'll be times feel so empty.

Likewise, hardness uphold for each other as deep as an ocean filled with emotion forever.

Open! If rose is in need of some kindness and can't seem to find wind, can depend on you.

There ain't no need to bother along those dark clouds may surround them will be strong.

I always live on all the things that can be seen from my nose to my toes.

And everything between I'll admit that I'm a slave to your beauty, let me say it two more times the way you use it to love me I love my mind.

It's all the things you do that make life worth, like the way you talk and the way you show your smile, it's all the things.

You do keep me hanging, don't you know; there is a gentleman who loves you very much.

This poem is written on 5th of July 2022. This poem is about how it reminds me of the truth about the human experience. Each day we encounter new parts of ourselves that are to teach us something about who we are and what our purpose is here on earth. It reminds me, that our time is temporary, and experiences are temporary. We must welcome them, move through them, live in them, and continue on sometimes there are people that come into our lives who have us thinking that they're both the moon and the sun. We believe they must be part of some greater light that has the ability to fill those dark cracks in our hearts.
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