Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla Poems

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Tribal Clashes In Blue Nile State

No need killing ourselves like a tiger. We all belong to likewise clan in the name of belief as an identity and burgeon.

We are the whole Sudanese under the sun sparkles vivid when we shake off a fetter for clannish; when we can empathize nourishment for bounty, hatred for love, animosity for pity, hostility for pax.

The Pain Of Missing You

Our hearts were broken for good. I would always be over mileage, tears had been falling now for so long, you have been unchained from desolation and sufferance.

You have been liberated, your tale has touched ruck, all close and widely a mile, on the night you were taken from us, in the sky was a lone glisten star.

Gone Far Away Into The Silent Land

I hear the winds of autumn sigh. You were someone who I love from the heart.

You were the person who helped me through difficult times, your comforting words were worth much more than dimes.

The Three Arrows

And white folks just want democracy out of any government, as they feel the generals are not to be trusted; living on Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot rise up freely.

Breaking new ground youth aware of the black days, Let our land be proud of us; don't let the selfish wolves govern us. Every nation from creation out of peace and love that kids all pray for concrete land comes together like Pepper and salt shaker. Let's all praise God. Well, Unity brings peace and harmony.

My Dearest Father

Pretty eyes feel like reading a novel written on my life; everything you do I think once walk this road, how wink and blink time goes on it.

I will be printing and adding to memory box for you to read; let's appreciate life as it goes so deep; Tired face is coming home tight from the daily race of soul tight.

Future Markers' Crew

Awaken mind brought people together, communicated effectively dared has taken calculated risks enlightened and empowered to foster collaboration.

Given away roles and responsibilities, grabbed moment to value everyone's input; getting out of comfort zone as a part of gaining fresh an avocation.

My Lovely Mom

There are a million ways you draw beautiful paint in my life as the whole of your care, your love is like moonlight shining beauty, so that little souls are reflecting each other obliquely as in cracked mirrors; behold in your own reflection.

You're the conqueror of every donkey work given out seriously; you're a dependable fountainhead of relief & cheeriness; you're my back-up when I fall, I feel in you more than you know; You have my overall reverence & appreciation.

We Are Equal In Death

We are innocent until the truth be told, a long life turns its circles, If we relate our sadness to this world is so corrupt, now we can't trust a single soul around on; keeping fairness under such a lion's fist.

Misfortune does not remain, fairness is the most valued, like light in the dark shelter, raising over parties and nations; swearing victory upon equality where we love to dwell on it.

Our Hard Times

Neck of the woods set down on the river bank singing a lyric, turf languor to think but couldn't fade away; our distraught has faded over us like a needle.

Everything dependency does is stitched with its shining color; It's great to thong in the lethargy, even just to alleviate the ache.

Victory Is The Goal

The sun shining turns into the blue sky, this ambience has made us family as a whole; what a merciful our motherland is, what a dandy place never comes in the future.

Our heart is lost within a trace of being crazy about the fatherland; for this awesomeness Sudan of beautiful kindness people and undying the darkness of the sky, the stars come out a brighter day; our love for you will never die

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