Fighting Your Own Enemy Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Fighting Your Own Enemy

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You dwell in a universe of ever-present conflict with those who keep this voracious
Warriors of our ruddy, frosty, and sky
Love is all about you'll strive, there are no qualms
Guarding courageously what you are not holding back, each warrior is loyally super-leading struggling
Those in uniform will always be glossed over a glorious homeland
Let us keep it evermore
Let us assist to be powerful
Let us assist to be heartfelt
Let us withhold devoted aims
Let us conserve hearts from unmanly fright
God flourishes land to real victory and tiara's head with competence
Hectors are on the floating again to shatter our blood and bone
You come to blow all species of cavern supporting sufferers far distance and nigh,
To keep it from disarray, to protect what you carry lovable
So let's compile again
To suppress your newest scampers, whatever you have to do, wherever you should go
Killing and devastation everywhere
Your time to come fills with expectation
You may stay to mow snappy crops
of remorse
Let us endeavor peace and forward peace to communes to last the thuggery
The reek of dying all around the cinders of best that strikes your heart got a glow on righteousness or maliciousness homeland was whining like entombed miles
To raise recoiling peace, attain a justness tag to assert trusts and a latent relish for relieving, growing the grit splaying fresh lives
You better disband your snags here, or before long
You will snout doom

POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM: I wrote this poem to address the current war occurring in my homeland Sudan. I hope this poem will encourage and sutain the brave people who are peacefully demanding a more just future for Sudan. I know these verses cannot soothe the wounds of those who have lost loved ones but I want Sudanese to know that their memory will never be forgotten. It was written in the aftermath of the 25th February 2024

Someone has said, "war has no place in a civilised society". The present conflicts between Russia-Ukraine, Hamas-Israel and many others like what is happening in Sudan.. just prove that man is not civilised yet..

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I got your point but was is existing everywhere in civilised societies or in non civilised nations

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