Your Star Poem by Tater Crater

Your Star

If someone was there would it help you through
If all they wanted was the world for you
What would it take for you to really smile
and have it last for just a little while
Is exactly what I'd do, I wouldn't hesitate
I'd steal every chance and pass every test of fate
I'd blindly leap where no one's been
Try to see things as they were meant to be seen
I'd look through your eyes, I'd risk my beliefs
Throwback the curtain to lies and deceit
Your world is black, filled with despair but
You pretend everything's alright, you hide away your fears
But I see inside the pain you hide as you laugh away your tears
I want to take that fear, crush it to ashes and dust
I want to share my sense of bliss, to be the one you trust
And it makes me sad to know these words will never reach your ears
And I can't take the pain away, I cannot dry your tears
My failure is my cowardice, my unwillingness to fight
To even try to be the star within your starless night

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