Betrayed Poem by Tater Crater


If I could make the world be still
Follow my command
I'd shroud the coming waters
Fray the feeble strands
Then leave it out without a guide, let the bastard drown
Then maybe
In this instant
It would finally understand
There is no wisdom in retreat
Nor honour in a clean defeat
There is no justice without blood
These are the rules
Cut and flood
But now I've played, I know the game
And now I call the traitor's name
I force the truth I make her see
Everything that's come to be
and all that she has done to me
Has led us both to this
So without mercy my turn I play
With no remorse my soul's decay
I gladly trade to watch her eyes
They fill with tears
Her empire dies
And I stand upon the coward's grave
She must now admit my worth
I've won the day against my foe
Her name
is Mother Earth

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