Zzz 10. Sloppy Sloppers! Poem by Mason Maestro

Zzz 10. Sloppy Sloppers!

A birthday arrives for my sweetie-babes girl
So it’s time to write you with words that are real
Our little V squeakers is quite a handful
She wants her mushy-mush – a whole mouthful!
Her and Spades now get on just fine
She wants to talk lots, and that’s a great sign!
Her stroller has been upgraded to a seat
And she rolls over now, and that’s quite a feat

You’ve been so kind – you got me that rare SNFU
In return I chase you to bed and spoon you
My babes and I are now called ‘mommy and daddy’
We’ve gotten older but that don’t make me saddy
So to always stay young, we chose (on a whim)
To get us some exercise and head to the gym
And speaking of Gym, V goes to her own
She plays at Gymboree and we take their books for loan

We’re thinking of taking her on her first big trip
This winter we may head to Thailand for her first sea dip
The two of us hadn’t gone on for a very long time
And I don’t care if it costs us a big dime
Whether under the dark of clouds or under the sun
As long as we’re all together life will always be fun
There may not yet be any Hop on Poppers
But there are hundreds and hundreds of sloppy sloppers!

Gajanan Mishra 10 June 2013

words that are real, good write, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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