Zzz 3. I'M Tellin' Ya Poem by Mason Maestro

Zzz 3. I'M Tellin' Ya

Rating: 2.7

After your return from Yangshuo, it's my thirst to say
I'm so glad you're back, here's a third poem for your birthday
We keep moving forward like a slow moving train
Nothing can stop us, not even meatballs in the brain

We've had only a few others join us in bed
No black man or Dove girl, only two surfs and a Big Head
We love our chats too, keeping up with your sex drive
A little s**k s**ky and especially our Best of Five

Those losses make me bitter, but I no longer care
All I have to do is stare at that new head of hair
I still think about that trip to Shanghai
...and to Changde, until the day that I die

I'm tellin' ya, we tried starting classes, to make extra money
A website to sell jewelry overseas for my honey
Shenzhen Hunt too, and dolls five inches tall
I hope that is it, true success after all

I'll keep calling you turkey, cream puff, sweetie- that's my plan
And I'll be your pumpkin, your silly, your stinky pupu-man
Equipped with your new camera and our will to be free
We'll travel the world and be together- to God this is my plea

We're approaching one year since the day that we met
And still I haven't given you a dog for a pet
But of all the things I wanted to give you from start
Not just some clothes or some jewelry...
...but my whole beating heart

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