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Angels Touch

Although I cannot see you, I feel your presence here
The comforting feeling that surrounds me, assures me you are near
You’ve come to take my hand, and release me from this pain
My body is giving up, no longer able to take the strain

@~}~~ Slow Ride ~~{~@

Slowly, I pull your body close to mine
Releasing your clothing, we begin to entwine
Feeling your heart, begin to race, with every gentle touch,
Needing, wanting, desiring each other so much

Are You The One?

Many a night, as I sleep, you come to me in my dreams.
Your sensual kiss, your gentle touch, so real to me it seems.

One kiss from your sweet lips, I loose my self control.

Happy Fathers Day 'Dad'

To many times days go by
Without me telling you just how I feel, and why
I guess it’s because the feeling is mutual and I assume it’s always there,
But I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me, and how much I care

+=={======== A Knights Oath ========}==+

To defend your honor, I pledge to thee.
As I kneel before you, on bended knee.
My loyalty to you, until my death,
I’ll fight for you, with my final breath.

Cheated Lives

I gathered the pieces of an otherwise normal life,
Wondering just who would be the one to explain this to your wife.
The ghostly imprint of where a ring once was, told me she was waiting.
I figured when she found out, she would definitely need sedating.

'Fallen Angels'

Fallen angels
Broken wings,
Heartaches and sorrows too soon it brings
Lots of unforgivable things.

A Good Day To Die

Fog hangs thick, engulfing the ground
Footsteps muffled, not making a sound
Sun rising slowly, in the eastern sky
God grant me serenity, tis a good day to die

'Amazeing Grace'

I watched you there, alone in the park.
As you appeared everyday, many times before dark
Talking to the pigeons, and some imaginary friends
You’d sit all alone for hours on end.

Angel's Among Us

There are angels among us every day.
You just haft to look for them, in different ways.
They could be a man, a woman, a pet or a beast.
Angels are there when you expect them the least.