Ramesh T A Power Poems

A Balance Of Power Game!

Stock piling of weapons has triggered Arms race!
Arms race is going on since the end of World War II.
In the Cold war period it went on between USA & USSR;
Now the game of balance of power goes between nations!

Which Is Weilding Power - Money Or Love?

Can you live without money in the modern world?
Money is the mark of civilization of mankind now!
Can the power of love overcome money power here
And lead all to live life of heaven in the civilized world?

One Great Power!

Bead-String in one hand and Book in another hand
Goddess Saraswathi sits on a White Lotus
Victoriously invoking art with her beautiful Veena
Eternally divine notes infinite

Love The Greatest Power Of The World!

Seeing greatest power of God, great kings and suspicious ones
Started believing in God and went on praying for great powers;
God seeing the greatness of mother for her love in the world,
Took avatars to highlight Love and peace for all of mankind!

Love Is Ever The Unifying Power!

Month of March is marching ahead with the coming of Spring;
Spring season brings with it new leaves, flowers and fruits;
Fruits of labour are for all to share and enjoy in life sure;
Sure all can be happy with the unity of all maintained ever!

A Day Without Electric Power!

We are held up for the whole day due to power shutdown for
Making maintenance work possible for the whole town mocking
At the civilization of modern material world we proud of..!
Will it be possible to live without money and electricity?

The Source Of Power To Humans!

Freshness and beauty of leaves and flowers in Nature
Make every morning glorious to enjoy reception so
Sweet and cheerful to start the day's occupation fine!

The Nature Of Sustenance Of Power Ever!

From seeds plants and trees with flowers and fruits grow
Having new seeds within helpful for cultivation and growth
To regenerate new plants and trees to continue the process!

Energy As Power God Sustains All!

Energy can neither be created
Nor destroyed ever says science;
Energy is power that activates
Matter anywhere in the world;

Energy As Power Sustains Ever!

Energy can neither be created
Nor destroyed ever says science;
Energy is power that activates
Matter anywhere in the world;

Power Of Words Of Bards!

Touchingly inspiring words sway hearts and bring closer
Even strangers unknown as brothers, sisters and friends!
Power of words works as magic that makes all to transform
Into what the word magicians like poets or writers wish!

The Power Of Music Transcends All!

More than song and dance, music absorbs heart, mind and soul;
Music gives impetus to singer to render better one's voice as
If voice dancing according to the tune of music emtertaining
All audience from children to elders to join the dance as one!

With The Indomitable Power Of Love One Succeeds In All!

Love is the greatest gesture of human emotion directly
Coming from the depths of heart not only through kind
Words but also through voluntary actions as the deep
Concern on the loved one in a passionate spirit sure!

The Successful All Absorbing Power Love Is Ever!

Human love is godly in nature by its all absorbing aspect
That makes all get subdued to it like child to mother sure;
Sans mother love cannot be introduced to children and all
Others thereby to make love ever thrive in human world...!

The All Absorbing Power Poetry Is!

By influence and money some people are becoming popular
In some field to get glory lost in previous field sure;
Such people are seeking asylum in Poetry to regain the
Lost Paradise to get fulfilment they could not get ever!

Master Super Power In The Air!

Where eagles dare, there victory is sure for them;
Of the military air force, they are super air force
That hits the targets correct and takes prey clean
Always achieving great laurels in flying colour sure!

Power Of Humans!

Human beings are a bundle of emotion in the world life;
By feelings they know, understand, decide and do all;
Spinoza says knowledge is power to know God as it is
Gained by perception, conception, ideas and intuition!

Power Of Writing Poems Forever!

What can be done, when the loved ones passed away one after the other
Leaving us alone to pull on the days occupied with our life-work..?
Being a poet, I can only write poetry till the end about all I have
In my mind with philosophic explorations over many matters everyday!

Which Is Real Power - Knowledge Or Love?

Knowledge is power but it is understood by mind only after
Grasping the matter complete till the essence is absorbed;
But love is greatest power that is instantly known by heart
As emotion sways heart quicker than intellect impacts mind!

Only Unity Is Power Ever!

Majority is power in the democracy of any nation in the world;
Unity is power in the open stadium all witnessing world match;
Unity is power in the festivals of deities of all religions;
Unity of poets is power in the international poetic confluence!

Special Power Only Reflects Natural Self!

Individually each person is endowed with special power in life;
Discovery of that is one's self and individuality to do best;
Not knowing this, many imitate a model they like sans shine;
This happens for speakers, writers, poets, managers and all!

The Power Of Art!

Beautifying personification of idea of supreme value is a great art
Full of force, power and control over one under its influence ever;
By such art only even a seemingly nothing stone gets power and great
Value to influence all minds sans fail in divine effect incredible!

Love Only Has The Power!

Love only give comfort, freedom, joy, confidence and courage
For all to do anything in world life against all odds ever;
Command of love is the verse of God that makes one surely
Transcend all barriers of tradition, religion and customs!

World Arena Of Balance Of Power Games!

Doubts and suspicions keep nations indulge in defensive acts
Being placed in a precarious position in the map of the world;
If the landlocked nations are in between troublesome nations,
The friendship among them is doubtful and tension builds up!

A Natural Healing Power Of Earth!

Earth is the mother and Sky is the father!
From mother only come to know of love
And from father we get knowledge of all!

What Is Great Power In The World?

The more money we have, the more we spend;
The more we spend, the more we want money!
The more curious we are, the more we long for;
The more curiosity is fulfilled, the more we have!

Wind Power Adds Fuel To Fire!

Cold wind still creeping through windows
Takes pride in freezing anything and anyone
Even after the hot month of March has begun!

The Living Power Of Almighty!

Space, air, fire, water and matter are elements
Nature manifests itself as its forces of power to
Make all realize the existence of Almighty ever!

Real Leader Never Aspires For Power!

Real and natural leader never aspires to power to dominate others;
Only selfish minded ones capture it by corruption to divide and rule all;
To bring justice to people, real leader rises to the occasion to power;
Otherwise, there is no need for him to be in power to serve people!

Inglorious Fools In Power!

All politicians act according to their whimsicality being rolling stones ever,
Being bachelors due to their nature ever as square peg in round hole in life;
Caring none, they go on with their own policies to dictate all holding top posts;
Die hard kind of nature of them never allows them to be normal like others ever!

A Super Power!

Educational knowledge develops individual personality to do job better;
Such developed individuals make the nation develop much better than before;
Creative and inventive works of talented individuals make a nation Super power;
Only such super nations bring peace and make the world a better place to live!

The All Unifying Controlling Power!

Surely a Wordsworthian poet loves Nature
For its beauty, bounty, love and power..!
He only can feel the presence of divine
Spirit in things of Nature sharing love;

A Pepper Power!

Pepper is a minute

Granule, but its taste is

Spiritual Power Of Mind!

By meditation it may be possible to visualize past, present and also, future of oneself;
But proving what has been discovered about self is not so easy as we visualize ever!
Mind travel with spirit of one is a great wonder one can experience in lief damn sure;
But such an experience is like a great dream only having no proof to explain to all!

A Never Exhausting Love Power!

A Never Exhausting Love Power!

Pleasure and joy giving love inspires to do everything in world life;
World life is a great mystery needing love to overcome all pitfalls;

A Special Power Of Mind!

Messages from friends and replies to all take a lion's share of time!
Time is not enough always for me to read and write about all ever!
I wonder what to do to overcome this great difficulty I face ever...!
I cannot be computer fast to do all and be satisfied everyday sure!

Regaining Power To Create Wonders!

A place of natural scenes is where peace lives;
Mind cools down to serenity to breathe free air
Deprived of all tensions and worries for a while!

A Power Of Art!

Artistic picture kindles joy, grief, passion and feeling;
Creative skill of artist kindles imagination, dreams,
Vision and thoughts absorbing heart, mind and soul
And transports one to a state unbelievable otherwise!

A Democratic Super Power!

Speaking and writing are very important rights ever
Each one has to develop to make democracy strong!
A voice of majority has a great power to make or mar
Many matters in the society in a democratic nation!

The Invincible Power!

Bright Sunshine and cloudless blue Sky welcome day;
Sun's rays reflecting from the next building through
The window bright as flash light being used for clicking
Photo is making all things crystal clear quite amazing!

A Power Of Love Passion!

Love has a unique place none can have!
All gates open if love waits for entry;
No license, restriction what so ever it has!

A Supreme Power Love Is!

Indeed there is nothing
fair or foul
both in war and love.
But love is supreme power

A Real Power Free Ever!

</>World has become small by Computer communication!
But this magic goes on as long as Computer is working;
Due to natural disaster and dampness CPU explodes too!

A Love Power!

Love is powerful

For, it's frank, open and true

A Power Of Poesy!

When everything makes one hopeless
Poetry gives power to fight for justice!
Power of poetry makes one free of fear
To be against all storms and cyclones!

Knowlege Of Truth Is Power!

Moon and Stars are beautiful at night;
Do the celestial bodies disappear at dawn?
It is indeed illusion we don't see them
In the broad day light in the open Sky!

Power Of Love!

Kind words of love

Make hearts to do anything

Power Of Intuition!

Cloudy day brings the hope of rain today;
Before the night fall rain we can see, I feel!
A well prepared mind can have intuition...
That would be correct unlike others promise!

A Healing Power!

Power Is Needed!

Eyes are burning!
Body is aching!
What has happened?

Error Success