Which Is Weilding Power - Money Or Love? Poem by Ramesh T A

Which Is Weilding Power - Money Or Love?

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Can you live without money in the modern world?
Money is the mark of civilization of mankind now!
Can the power of love overcome money power here
And lead all to live life of heaven in the civilized world?

Gold in the form of money glitters in the world of men!
Gold in the form of ornaments beautifies women as queens!
Beauty shines not by Moon light but by money showers
And men live as slave of money and beauty in the world!

Cities are the advancements of modernity by civilization;
Villages are the settlements in Nature by human culture.
Without the feeding supplies of village city cannot function;
Without the foundation of culture civilization cannot survive!

Manifestations of Nature reflect divine love everywhere;
Love and unity are for expansion of developed community.
For good or bad, perpetuation of species goes on nonstop
As Nature is always against destruction of any kind here!

Galaxies of the Universe are the eyes of God doing magic!
Floating stars are the jewels in the Universal box of night!
Heavenly bodies are in suspended animation by gravitation
Or Love unifying all for the Universal Circus to go on and on!

Can money buy all, love and soul for your eternal survival?
Money cannot buy love but can buy only lust for a while,
A prostitutional service that cannot do the service of a family
And cannot take care, concern and well being of you always!

Can you do anything without the backing of love in the world?
Can you do anything only for money even if you don’t like it?
If so, will you get happiness, satisfaction and peace after it?
So, we all do anything or everything best only out of love here.

Without love of gravitation magic show of Universe cannot go,
Nothing can move without collision in the Universal circus ever!
Family, children, men, animals and plants cannot live sans love
As sans God nothing can survive in suspended animation so long!

Ramesh T A

Ramesh T A

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
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