Pumpkin Anu Poems

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Met To Part Again

Once on such a rainy evening,
Out of my pain, quietly I was weeping.
Hiding my face between my knees,
Wanting to wash off all my woes.

Was It A Dream?

That was a cold winter evening,
I could find the roofs covered with gray frost,
Lives haunted with the thrill of chilling,
And the world seemed to be a weeping host.

To My Beloved

I asked the clouds …..
To shower on me.
I asked the sun…….
To shine behind me.

It Was You!

Till yesterday,
I was some one;
Some one unknown to myself;
Unknown to you,

Thus I Start

My loneliness - with whom shall i share,
My pains- how can i spare,
I have both a heart and a tongue,
But alas! their is no connection between the two,

2 U

It was not the time, when you were not beside me;
That, I wondered, and wandered.
But it was then, when you passed by me
Without making, even a silent shrug.

The Bygone Ecstacy

Twas the time, I leapt above all
Twas the time, I bade good bye
That I took a long flight
And, wished, I would never be back…

And I Confess

I know you are far away..
From my life, but not from my dreams..
But till today, you are my life..
Nothing else, nothing more,

My Prayer To Him

Show me light…..
I shall win the fight.
Show me way….
I shall reach the bay.

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