Met To Part Again Poem by Pumpkin Anu

Met To Part Again

Once on such a rainy evening,
Out of my pain, quietly I was weeping.
Hiding my face between my knees,
Wanting to wash off all my woes.
Buried deep in grief was I,
When you lifted my rusty hand so fairly.
Looked straight into my eyes, with pain equal;
Well! That was enough for me to heal.
With utmost care u hid your wet eyes in my lap,
Thus for the first time I was left rap.
From that moment I wiped your tears before mine,
For those were far more precious and fine.
Do you remember friend? Those days?
We shared our woes in our own ways!
Do you remember friend?
Those moments ,
The best in my life…….perhaps!
Years hence, on this dark cloudy night again,
I wait for the crush of thunder, and the rain to begin.
Coz only that shower could bring us near;
Can break the wall, long as a light year.
But would you unveil dear?
The reason,
For which you parted, leaving me alone
In the midst of the withered season.
So I still bear my boundless pain,
Heavier and much more, than ever before..
Just groping our amity and my vision! ! !

Ananya Choudhury 22 January 2012

Thank you for your appreciating comments! !

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Subodh Pandey 21 January 2012

nice and poignant write.

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Neetha Sasidharan 20 January 2012

wow...relly emotional....grt poem..

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