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Quel Saige is a pseudonym, if ever there was one. It is the feeling you get when you remember something (someone?) long forgotten. It is the pang of regret for a comma or comment misplaced. It is the vu of presque vu and the death of all not yet living. He hopes you read with an open mind and an open heart and that wisdom would rule in your life, ...

Quel Saige Poems

A Little Ruby-Throated Bird

A little ruby-throated bird
Landed there without a word
Upon the roof, the bird alighted
Looking regally beknighted

As I Kneel

As I kneel,
A ghost of a smile
Passes over my lips.
Ironies too cruel to admit.

These Cherry Blossoms Drifting Everywhere

These cherry blossoms drifting everywhere,
My senses overwhelmed but not yet gone.
This fog, it clouds my vision here and there,
I wonder just how far from here to yon

Behind Thee

Why, when looking to Him,
Do we look up and not back?

Why, when we cannot be bothered to look,

To Poetry Or Not To Be

To poetry or not to be
The life of the letter r
is short-lived

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