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1. Human Nature 3/13/2012
2. The Cycle Of Greed 3/13/2012
3. Speed Demon 3/13/2012
4. If Walls Could Talk 3/13/2012
5. Beautiful Body 3/13/2012
6. Christmastime 3/13/2012
7. Elderly Wishes 3/13/2012
8. Falling Out Of Love 3/13/2012
9. Memoir Of Sadness 3/13/2012
10. Newspaper 3/13/2012
11. Resolution Of Pain 3/13/2012
12. The Persistence Of A Father 3/13/2012
13. The Profession 3/13/2012
14. The Voice Of The Angels 3/13/2012
15. Through The Words Of Master Yoda 3/13/2012
16. War: A Lost Cause 3/13/2012
17. Livin' The Dream 3/13/2012
18. The Right To Bear Arms 3/13/2012
19. I'M Not Afraid To Die 3/13/2012

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I'M Not Afraid To Die

I'm not afraid to die, no not at all,
It's not as bad as it seems
I enjoy life fine enough I suppose
But I much enjoy my dreams.

Death must be like dreaming
A constant deathly haze
As you sit back relax and enjoy your dreams
For the rest of the earth's days.

It's not just ‘cause I'm a Christian
Not suicidal in any way
I just can't wait to see when my dreams come
To come out and play.

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Beautiful Body

One reflects on their own image
In a way much different than the one perceived by all else.
To them they are a disgusting monster of lore
While everyone else sees the attractive hero.
The peasant in a medieval community
Or the ugliest of manatee from the ocean.
While other's see royalty in their bodies
And a beautiful dolphin.
That picture doesn't appear to me.

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