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Nothing is
Ever as
Good or as

Bad as it

Blood orange champagne
Too far gone
You look at your drink
Then back at me

She told you that her sister was killed by a drunk driver & you still have
The nerve to drive

Waiting for you
To walk by
So they can let go
Of their lifeline

I've seen many faces
Fed many birds
Talked to dogs
I've danced with cats

Innovators at our best
We give ourselves & forget
Get good feelings
Then we impress

I am your Dreamcatcher
the net which captures
Your deepest thoughts
Your deepest wishes

Late at night a bearded man in a black trench coat - Black sunglasses - A kilt - Black boots & a Black beret waddled into a restaurant like a penguin with a bottle of Jameson wrapped in a brown paper bag in his hand & he began chanting & pointing at the normal people:

'I Love You who sit there eating your steak! '


When I was a
A bug flew
Into my eye

I met an Egyptian Gypsy by the Dead Sea
She read my palm
Jumped in the sea
Then floated away from me

What happened
To the Innocent-
Dazzling-young girl
Who would search

When I was just
A boy
I would wake my
Father from

Skipping scallops
so she still swallows
her dessert-
she sits staring

Today, I Left

On my

I made friends with a squirrel
Because I lost hope in humanity-
I made sense of the tales
That I once heard from my family-

While we talked on
The phone that night
I pictured you in pajamas

A country invades another country
While civilians flee to the hills for

Their lives

I had a
Dream that
I was watching

I'm like
A mimic

I can change

Red paint
On your face

Freckled fury

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Don'T Worry

Nothing is
Ever as
Good or as

Bad as it
To be

The mountains
Aren't too high
To climb

The sky
Isn't really
That blue

She's not
Really marrying
You for your personality

Your car won't
But it will eventually

Money isn't as
Important as
Your kids

& The Teacher will
Smile at you after
You get the right answer

With that
Look on her face

That same look
Your mother gave you
When you first

Went to the bathroom

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