Trapped In A Bottle

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She told you that her sister was killed by a drunk driver & you still have
The nerve to drive

You want to die
But won't pull the
Trigger you just want to drive your car Into a river-

When you drive over
A bridge drunk your hands shake - the wheel vibrates - you picture yourself whipping the Steering wheel to the right so your car will
Suddenly take flight

'211 kids were killed
By drunk drivers
In 2010'

Turn up the music on the radio-
Drown me out-
I'm a nuisance-

It hasn't
Happened to you
So it can't & You're invisible, yeah - You're infinite
You reek of guilt
You have dreams of car accidents
Until the dream
Becomes A Reality

It's just like any other
Drunken night as you drive across the bridge
While another - innocent - sober - young woman
Drives in your direction

I thought I heard you yell 'kamikaze'

Your wheels are spinning - Your car's upside down In that river after you hit her along the driver's side door - You were staring at the river, listening to the voices in your head
& You weren't watching the road - you can't unfasten your seatbelt - you're stuck - you're trapped now- can't break the glass - can't shatter the past - your arms are tied - no where to run & hide now - Because, You - Yes, You, have become haunted by Your own Demons & You handed them the Key to Your Soul after you found yourself Lost in their labyrinth-

You Surrender to the River - You Accept Defeat-
There's broken glass all over the street-
You've taken an
Innocent life
In exchange for
A couple drinks
& Drowned in
Your flooded
You careless
Sinking in
A river full
of truth-
You lie-
While the
Wind blows her
Withered hair one
Last time

Heather Wilkins 25 June 2013

A tragic story just because of someone's foolishness.

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Danny Draper 08 June 2013

Drink driving or drunk driving is mad. A good account in this powerful piece of the tragedy that continues in many places around the world. Sad but true.

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Elena Sandu 07 June 2013

Great choice of title, yes the bottle is a wall that takes away not only the vision but preciuos lives! You write masterful. The lines after the kamikaze yelling are hard strong and painful, read with anger fast with not time to take a breath, than comes surrender to the river accept your fate, that wow! Makes the flesh relax instantly. Good poem, thank you for share!

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Valerie Dohren 07 June 2013

Very powerful and heartfelt write - drinking and driving don't go together, and too many lives are lost because of it.

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