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Dark and cold,
only silence to be heard.
A moment for pondering,
for self reflection.

The heady scent,
Of a long cold pint.
That first sip,

I've had poems running through my head,
Since you walked away.
I've surely thought right out,
Just exactly what I'd say,

She sits alone
Sipping water in the heat.
Listening to music,
Gently tapping feet.

Three Fins and an American,
Sitting round the bar.
They come from different lands,
And from home, all are far.

Of flowered fields I cannot write,
nor sunny day or moon-lit night.

But the feeling of being alone,

In bed awake,
but not by choice.
I close my eyes,
but sleep doesn't come.

Is there anything worse than hearing a song,
a song about loss,
a song about tears,
And knowing exactly,

There is a poem that begins,
'She walks in beauty like the night, '
It is a verse that to you,
I would love to recite.

What I need is a cup of coffee.
Strong, Black, Soothing.
My mood is dark,
Darker than the cup in front of me.

Thoughts and ideas are bottled up in my head like butterflies in a net.
Fluttering around, trying to get out, vainly trying to escape.
Nothing comes of them,
it seems nothing ever will,

lazy day
filled with nothing
nothing to do but sit around
nothing to say but meaningless shit

I try to write,
But it's shit.
Again I put pen to paper,
And again I'm dissapointed.

My face is chapped,
But my body is warm.


Can you tell me
Is there anything better
Than sitting in a cafe during terrible weather?
A cup of coffee, maybe a bite

The Best Poem Of R.M. Alexander

Sunrise At Ayer's Rock (Uluru)

Dark and cold,
only silence to be heard.
A moment for pondering,
for self reflection.
But as the sun begins to peek
above the barren desert,
a bird sings.
First one, then many.
Singing a foreign song,
an Outback song.
And slowly,
oh so slowly,
the rock begins to change.
First grey then brown,
and suddenly blue, purple
finally red.
And so begins another day.

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