Rabi Anata Poems

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Smile When The Sun Don'T Shine

She walked through streets
All day long,
She skipped and smiled
And sang a song.

It Reconstructs

find me somewhere broken
mend and unbend the pain
gather all my agony
rekindle the old flame

Endless Fight

Someone said he would look after me
But I'm left here fighting lonely battles
I've shared all my trust
And cried all my tears

Heaven Is Bursting

I think my adrenaline is flowing way too fast!
My heart plays on and off frequently;
I can't slow it down.
No, my chest is beating itself around.

Arcane Dream

This place is perfectly complete;
The emptiness dwells vastly
Throughout the open streets.
Thank God it's hidden from our eyes!

Will I Be Behind

When I face time,
Will it all add up,
Or will I be behind?
Can I race to the front

Something Amazing Dripping Red

There was, transcending the universe,
The very thought of white
Attacking everything.
The sun's fragile light bursts

On The Verge Of Tears

Dear Lord help me
It seems there is nothing right here
Not in this picture
Because once again I see myself

All The Basking

We're out of time
And out of space
We're losing happiness
It was enough to begin

What Papa Always Said

Papa sometimes told me all about myself.
He'd say, 'Someone's always watching all the wrong in a man's heart.'
I never could understand clearly just what he meant,
But I was stuck so far in it.

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