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izzy Barnwell 27 December 2011

Your poems really tell alot about you...keep on writing..please read my poems and feel free to use ideas you get from them. Always, Izzy Barnwell

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The Best Poem Of Rabi Anata

Smile When The Sun Don'T Shine

She walked through streets
All day long,
She skipped and smiled
And sang a song.
She went to markets,
Here and there.
She looked at dolls
And teddy bears.
But all she had
Was just two cents.
Her pockets were
All filled with lint.
What ashame...
You would have said
Such a sweet girl...
Her life so bad.
Not enough money
To buy one doll.
Lived a penniless life
But wore a smile.
Wore tattered clothes.
Having to deal with the
Oohs, Ahs, and Ohs.
Never did she,
Shed a tear.
She had no worries,
She had no fears.
Her mother was sick,
Her mother would cry.
Her mother would suffer
And lay down to die.
But this little girl,
She had not a care.
And she had not a bonnet
Or clean dress to wear.
But Daddy said,
Dear Caroline,
You smile when the sun don't shine.

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