Radhuga Sreekumar Geetha

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The Reason For Existence

Every time I breathe in
I hope it is the air you breathed out
Hope it carries vibrations from the voice
That sets every cell on fire

Wounded World

Mercurial bathe of silver gown she adorned
with her pearl dewed skin
Rose whorled pleat rubs, sparked blood red
butterflies to life

Let Me Be The Light Lord! !

I take a deep breath.....
Who am I? I wonder........
Why can't I find the answer? I ponder
Ah! Made it to my paper.But with my sweat

The World Of Love

the music of his pulse chisels a silk brocade
that tattoos over my pelvis in amethyst's shade
his refection dived into my eyes
lit up my insides like fireflies

Damp Philately

moonlight chiffonades the wind
blowing like whispered betrayals on her ears
and bites her shoulder bared by her
white off-shoulder gown of sanguine warps and wefts

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Radhuga Sreekumar Geetha Popularity