Rahma Rayis Poems

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Sunlight And Horizon

The different colours blended in,
a beautiful site indeed,
slowly entering and leaving,
a story it reads,

The Ocean's Despair

The site of the sea was a tangled mess,
the water filled with waste and the clarity over the years had grown less,
the sea sings its sorrowful song,
to it, the pollution would last long,

The Ocean View

The blue water colliding against the rock,
it was like a soft, nock,
the calmness put the mind free from thoughts,
it took away burdens of all sorts,

Past, Present And The Future

Everything in the future would always give away into the past,
ahead of you, nothing will last,
time isn't slow but isn't fast,
it's somewhere between there,

When I Look Around To My Surroundings

As I look into the world to take a deeper look,
I am immediately filled with concern,
For all I find is myself at loss of what we made it become,
I am mourning the world we lost,

How A Cat Has An Affect

Cat's hold the happiness of a person,
once gone a lot is taken,
You feel the loss of it's presence,
as it is a loyal companion,

Colour Vision

Creative shades,
Different kinds,
What do you see?
What could you find?

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