Raja Basu Poems

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The Story Of A Deserted Castle

Today I am completely deserted, and stand alone in the midst of a jungle
My condition is extremely bad, and anyday I am likely to crumble.

Calcutta - My Dear Hometown

Calcutta - my dear hometown, and a city of art, culture and grace
Calcutta - the city that is famous for its gorgeous palaces.

Calcutta - the city of poets, litterateurs, painters, cinema giants and other cultural luminaries

Singapore - The City I Dream To Visit

One of my cherished wishes is to visit the 'Lion City' of Singapore

It is a city where I have always dreamt to go for a tour.

Wishing A Happy Married Life To Sourav And Ranjana

Dear Ranjana and Sourav, I wish you two to be the world's best married couple

With your marriage having a success that is simply unimaginable.

To My New Born Nephew

My life had become so boring, with absolutely no charm and pleasure

I was just bogged down by my work, with absolutely no time for leisure.

Fight Back, “the Land Of The Rising Sun”

A combined attack of a major earthquake and tsunami – for any other country it would have been a major blow
But the country in question is Japan, which is known for not letting any disaster make its morale low.

“The Land Of The Rising Sun”, Japan managed to stand up from the shambles of Hiroshima bombing

Financial Crisis – The Worst Curse A Man Can Have

It is neither a failed marriage nor a failed affair nor even an ill health

The worst curse a man can have is when he lacks even the basic wealth.

Hearty Congratulations To Ms. Kiran Desai

Please accept a ton of hearty congratulations, our beloved Ms. Kiran Desai

By being the youngest woman ever to win the Booker Prize you have made we Indians feel so high.

My Sweet Little Purse

Your size is so small, but your service is so huge
Every time I need money, you are my only refuge.
It is you who makes it possible for me to go out of the home
It is again you who enables me to come back home.

Human Blood

I am the same inside James Brown, a Roman Catholic American

I am the same inside a Buddhist Chinese, named Miao Chan.