Financial Crisis – The Worst Curse A Man Can Have

It is neither a failed marriage nor a failed affair nor even an ill health

The worst curse a man can have is when he lacks even the basic wealth.

It is the disease that completely damages your self respect sense

As sometimes you are forced to bow down your head only for a few pence.

You find it difficult to make ends meet, when others have the world's pleasure

You are hesitant to spend even 10 bucks, as if it represents the world's treasure.

You are forced to sell family ornaments, which were in your family for years

Your heart breaks down into pieces, as you bid them goodbye with tears.

You approach people for money, with promises of paying it back on time

And fail to do so despite making it your objective prime.

People only find your failure to repay their money, but not your honest endeavor to do the same

And they shout and snap at you without feeling an iota of shame.

They call you everything from 'thief' to 'cheat', without pausing for a thought

Your failure to repay a debt on time becomes your permanent blot.

God, you have given the mankind so many sufferings. So can you please take one of them back, please?

Please ensure that nobody in this world is forced to face any sort of financial crisis.

All the sufferings we face present us with pain, dejection and sorrow

But financial crisis is unique, as it carries a huge load of shame, and gives one's self respect sense a huge blow.