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After You Reach Heaven

After you reach heaven
I feel, you will understand
You will see it when you believe it
How much my love was for you


Welcome to the land of the fame

I’m far from the radio and video game

Hollywood Sign

You are happy more than ever
We are perfect for each other
Oh........oh........oh......my Dear
Our fame is like Hollywood sign

Chain Of Slavery

This is the heart throb of
Thousands of poor people
Wake up brother and sisters
Breaking the chain of slavery

Niagara Falls

Ravishing grace with paradise on earth

Beauty sprinkles everywhere in Niagara’s Edge

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Nepalese Youth In American Literature

By Sanjok Acharya

Nepalese-American writer Rajan Thapaliya has become a role model to other Nepalese-Americans who wish to succeed as an authors. He was Born and raised in Nepal. He lives in New York City.

Rajan Thapaliya is a 27-year old Nepali youth who has already published a dozen books. Most of hi ...

Rajan Thapaliya Popularity