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Ramakanta Rath (Oriya: ରମାକାନ୍ତ ରଥ) is one of the most renowned modernist poets in the Oriya literature. Heavily influenced by the poets such as T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, Rath experimented greatly with form and style.

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Madhab Chandra Jena 15 September 2019

He is one of the best poet of the world, My favorite and idol

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Bijay Kant Dubey 26 October 2018

Ramakanta Rath is a great mystical poet drawing from our classical tradition and folklore; a poet of the bhakti-rasa in a modern interpretation and employing a modern idiom of expression. He is not only devotional, but mystical and mythical too apart from his quest fro values in life.

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The Best Poem Of Ramakanta Rath

Sriradha: Part - 19

Come, take half
of the remainder of my life,
but fill every moment
of the half that is mine
with your infatuation.
Was the bargain unfair?
Then leave me with a single moment
and take away the rest of my life,
but like the sky,
fill the whole space
above that moment.

No, not like the sky.
Come closer and become the cloud
over my past, present and future
so that, when I touched myself,
I would touch the monsoon of your body.
Your sighs would breathe
the gale spewed by the despair
of a distant ocean
and, when I smile
and touch myself,
the gale would cease.

My lifetime,
unconcerned with its nearing death,
would everyday renew its pilgrimage
to the early years of your youth.
You would exist as a mass of blue
carved by my command,
or as the blue total
of all my known, partly known
and unknown desires.
Since I always dress in blue,
you too must be blue.
How can you have any other colour when
it would break my heart
if you had in colour other than blue?

Was the bargain unfair?
Then come, take away
even that single moment.
But do not bend down, look straight
into my eyes.
Meet there the impudent traveller
who has passed through hell after hell
and, at the end of the very last hell,
stands under a kadamba tree
and awaits your coming.

[Translated by the poet]

Ramakanta Rath Popularity

Ramakanta Rath Popularity

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