Ramakanta Rath Poems

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Sriradha: Part - 19

Come, take half
of the remainder of my life,
but fill every moment
of the half that is mine

Sriradha: Part - 58

You are the fragrance of rocks,
the lamentation of each flower,
the unbearable heat of the moon,
the icy coolness of the blazing sun,

A Request To The Dead

I offer this water to you,
my father, grandfather and great grandfather,
and to you, soldiers and generals
who fought for us and who fought against us

The Soldier In Exile

Sometimes I wish I should return,
throw this body to the ground before the judges
installed in all the marketplaces of my country,
and tell them, come, hang it

Lines Addressed To Her Non-Resident Presence

I had thought
I had forgotten you entirely.

Murder On The Agenda

I know there is blood on my hands.
I further know my hands will be stained
with much further blood.

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