Sriradha: Part - 58 Poem by Ramakanta Rath

Sriradha: Part - 58

You are the fragrance of rocks,
the lamentation of each flower,
the unbearable heat of the moon,
the icy coolness of the blazing sun,
the language of my letters to myself,
the smile with which all despair is borne,
the millenniums of waiting without a wink of sleep,
the ultimate futility of all rebellion,
the exquisite idol made of aspirations,
the green yesterdays of deserts,
the monsoon in an apparel of leaves and flowers,
the illuminated pathway from the clay to the farthest planet,
the fantastic time that's half-day and half-night,
the eternity of the sea's brief silence,
the solace-filled conclusion of incomplete dreams,
the dishevelled moment of waking up with a start,
the reluctant star in the sky brightening at dawn,
the unspoken sentences at farewell,
the restless wind sentenced to solitary confinement,
the body of fog seated on a throne,
the reflection asleep on the river's abysmal bed,
the undiscovered mine of the most precious jewels,
the outlines of lunacy engraved on space, and
the untold story of lightning.
You have, my dearest, always suffered
all my inadequacies with a smile.
I know I am not destined to bring you back once you've left.
All I can do hereafter, till the last day of my life,
is to collect the fragments of what you are
and try to piece them together.

[Translated by the poet ]

Bijay Kant Dubey 26 October 2018

The dream sequence with which the poem flows is noteworthy, stanzas written in a visionary style rent the sky with the image of Radha coming, coming, coming, she comes, comes, ever comes. The world a picture of Radha, Radha, Radha and Krishna, Krishna.

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Bharati Nayak 06 May 2015

You are the fragrance of rocks The lamentation of each flower The unbearable heat of the moon The icy coolness of the blazing sun The language of my letters to myself The smile with which all despair is borne.- -Marvelous representation of Sri Radha, the incarnation of Love.

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Ramakanta Rath

Ramakanta Rath

Cuttack, Orissa / India
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