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Raouf Reda Poems

1. Would You Be The One For Me? 10/9/2008
2. She Stole My Heart With Her Wicked Way 10/9/2008
3. The Devil Inside Me! 10/9/2008
4. I Forgive You. 10/9/2008
5. Regretting Sin! 10/9/2008
6. The Gift Of Curse & Wisdom For A Real Warrior. 10/9/2008
7. She Vanished 10/9/2008
8. Your Beauty. 10/9/2008
9. Miles. 10/9/2008
10. Away! 10/9/2008
11. Do You Know? 10/9/2008
12. Shall I Tell Her? 10/9/2008
13. I Will Miss You! 10/9/2008
14. My Cute Little Honey 10/9/2008
15. She Was... 10/9/2008
16. Sleepless Love :) 10/9/2008
17. She Don’t Live Here Anymore! 10/9/2008
18. Once Upon A Time 10/9/2008
19. Lesson Learned 10/9/2008
20. The Gladiator Who Fights For Glory 10/9/2008
21. In The Middle Of The Wild Forest I Found A Berry Tree 10/9/2008
22. The Angel Who Stole My Heart. 10/9/2008
23. New Year :) 10/9/2008
24. When It’s My Time To Go? 10/9/2008
25. Is It Love? 10/9/2008
26. The Sweetest Pain Of December 10/9/2008
27. It’s My Birthday. 10/9/2008
28. My Cursed Blessing. 10/9/2008
29. A Sin That Cursed My Life 10/9/2008
30. Who Is My Beloved? 10/9/2008
31. I Need Nothing More Than Her Voice. 10/9/2008
32. I Fight On. 10/9/2008
33. Running From The Past 10/9/2008
34. Searching... 10/9/2008
35. Just Waiting..... 10/9/2008
36. A Written Proposal 10/9/2008
37. Just Be 10/9/2008
38. How I Wish I Could Say! 10/9/2008
39. When I Cry! 10/9/2008
40. By The Sea 10/12/2008
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A Letter That I Didn’t Send


For the last few months I was the happiest person on earth
Because finding you at the end of this wild road is really worth…

Yes, I admit that your innocent heart defeated my sorrow
Rejoiced my hope with Joy so I dreamt of tomorrow

Will you still be there for me till Eternity?
I saw the answer in your eye “I am not ready”

Realizing that I must live alone again
Learning wisdom from my own pain

Go ahead live your life enjoy every thing you are still young
I tried to tell you so but the words couldn’t get out of my tongue

I didn’t ...

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Lesson Learned

It’s really hard for me to admit
There are some things that I regret
Words I wish I’d never said
Stupid decisions that I did
Which took me to a bitter end
I wish I could go back in time
To diminish the curse that’s mine
But it doesn’t matter, I got the sign
When life gets much harder

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