Ravi Kopra

Ravi Kopra Poems

1161. Dating 5/17/2018
1162. Kudos To Domino Dominici 5/18/2018
1163. Do-Rag, A Love Poem By Phillip W. Williams In Hindi/Urdu Translation 5/21/2018
1164. The Monkey God Hanuman Rises In Him Angrily 5/21/2018
1165. So Many Fools In This World, An English Translation Of A Poem 5/22/2018
1166. Coolness, A Yosa Buson Japanese Haiku In Hindi/Urdu 5/22/2018
1167. Your Eyes Solemn Green, A Sarah Louise Persson Inspired Poem 5/22/2018
1168. Breaking Morning Silence 5/22/2018
1169. The Bell Chimes 5/22/2018
1170. When I Look At You 5/22/2018
1171. Fire And Sleet And Candlelight, A Poem By Elinor Wylie In Hindi/Urdu Translation 5/23/2018
1172. Haiku - Desires 5/23/2018
1173. Let Him Come 5/23/2018
1174. Haikus - Bumblebees And Breasts 5/23/2018
1175. No Body Can Be More Handsome Than You 5/23/2018
1176. I Fear 5/24/2018
1177. Do The Fools Know They Are Fools? 5/24/2018
1178. Language And Poetry 5/24/2018
1179. My Heart, A Love Poem By Pamela Dietz In Hindi/Urdu Translation 5/24/2018
1180. Away, A Love Poem By Pamela Dietz In Hindi/Urdu Translation 5/24/2018
1181. Flowers, Tides, Winds, You And A Girl 5/24/2018
1182. I Die, I Die, O Lord 5/24/2018
1183. Let Me 5/24/2018
1184. Three Monokus On Silence 5/24/2018
1185. A Meeting, A Hindi Love Poem By Raj Swami In English Translation 5/25/2018
1186. A Man And A Pitbull 8/12/2018
1187. Rumi's Poem "Where Did The Handsome Beloved Go? " In Hindi/Urdu Translation 8/14/2018
1188. Yoko Ono's Poem "Mother Earth" In Hindi/Urdu Translation 8/14/2018
1189. Donald Hall's Poem " Love's Progress" In Hindi/Urdu Translation 8/15/2018
1190. The Swing, A Poem For Children By Robert Louis Stevenson In Hindi/Urdu Translation 8/18/2018
1191. Plum-Blossoms Haiku Of Buson In Hindi/Urdu 8/20/2018
1192. A Poem By Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin In Hindi/Urdu Translation 8/20/2018
1193. Sometimes We Feel Lonely 8/21/2018
1194. Khaali Zameen (The Vacant Lot) 8/22/2018
1195. Queen, A Spanish Love Poem By Pablo Neruda In Hindi/Urdu Translation 8/31/2018
1196. How Do You Become Sane Again? A Poem By The Israeli Poet Lali Tsipi Michaeli In Hindi/Urdu Translation 9/5/2018
1197. Life Is A Brothel, A Poem By Israeli Poet Lali Tsipi Michaeli In Hindi Urdu Translation 9/5/2018
1198. A Vish Khopra विषखोपड़ा Poem: So Sad, Like His Dad Is His Foolish Son! 9/5/2018
1199. About Abou Ben Adhem (Hindi Translation) - Poem By Rajnish Manga 9/5/2018
1200. Badmasti Ki Namaaz (A Prayer To Orgasm) Dina Posada's Spanish Poem In Hindi/Urdu Translation 9/8/2018

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (9/21/2019 1:39:00 PM)

    Ravi is a great poet and a translator. He is well versed in many languages and is an admirer of good poetry. But he has one small weakness. For some unknown reason, he hates or just dislikes Muslims in India or other parts of the world. May God (of his choice) Bless Him. I wish him all the best in his literary pursuits.

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Best Poem of Ravi Kopra

So Beautiful Is She

When I saw her for the first time
I got mesmerized
dreaming blue eyes
so beautiful
short curly wavy blond hair
a huge pleasant smile
dimples, not wrinkles
she looked so youthful, cheerful
hypnotized, I swayed
what could happen I thought
if I kept on looking at her!

I do not know.

But what do I know is this:
if De Vinci had seen her once
Mona Lisa would not be in the Louvre.

I cannot forget her blue eyes
her face, her heart warming smile
I close my eyes and still
I see her vividly.

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Loving In Languages

Te iubesc
I love you
je t'aime
te amo
ti amo

main pyaar tuje karta hooN
main pyaar tainu karda haaN

O meri sohniay, main tere toN
mar mar jaanda haaN.

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