Ravi Kopra Poems

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So Beautiful Is She

When I saw her for the first time
I got mesmerized
dreaming blue eyes
so beautiful

Grandma's Wedding Shoes

I'm getting ready
For the garage sale tomorrow
My grandma passed away
A few weeks ago

Three Kisses

That scented oil perfume
rubbed on me when I held you close to me
this morning in the garden and gave you
three long kisses of love.

You And I (A Ghazal Of Rumi)

Joyous, blissful moment, sitting on the porch, you and I
two forms, two faces, yet one soul together, you and I

The groves' gift, the birds' songs give us the water of ever

At our break up you didn't cry nor did I
How come then you couldn't sleep nor did I

Circumstances were such we were stalled


So strange are
Your thoughts

You are my destiny

A New Version Of Luo Zhihai Poem: Are Tired And Lazy

Spring breeze is light
Several peaches are red
Swallows whisper
One willow green

So I Sit To Write, Analysis Of A Poem From Odisha, India

Why do you promise every night
not to write
even if it be all worthless
(as mostly it is)

I think of you
and feel the fragrance of my mother
the most beautiful woman in the world.

Your Clothes And Shoes Full Of Dust

This world is not your home
You are a traveler, a passerby
Your clothes and shoes full of dust
Sometimes you walk in the desert

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