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1. My Greek Goddess 10/7/2017
2. Long Distance Romances 10/9/2017
3. Just Think Of It 10/9/2017
4. A Poem After Adeline Foster 10/10/2017
5. You And I - A Poem After Roger Mcgough 10/10/2017
6. If You Die Before Me, A Dr. Antony Theodore Inspired Poem 10/11/2017
7. Another Version Of Luo Zhihai's Poem: In Lonely Bloom 10/12/2017
8. Poetry Comes To Me 10/12/2017
9. Where Do You Go For A Nature's Call - A Made Up Poem, Sort Of 10/12/2017
10. After Rain - Another Version Of Luo Zhuhai Translation Of A Chinese Poem By Zeng Jifan 10/12/2017
11. Luo Ming's Loneliness 10/13/2017
12. Translation Of Kabir's Poem: Santo Andhaa Dhoondhi Andhiyara 10/13/2017
13. Translation Of A Punjabi Love Poem A Thought By Najm Hussain Syed 10/13/2017
14. Go To Your Women, Not Whores An Ekphrastic Poem 10/13/2017
15. Poor Holy Cows 10/14/2017
16. Account, A Poem By Czeslaw Milosz In Hindi Translation 10/14/2017
17. A Rendering Of The Cloud Heart- A Poem By Luo Zhihai 10/14/2017
18. Katrina, My Golden Honey 10/15/2017
19. Haiku- Blond 10/16/2017
20. Haiku- So Cold Wintery Night 10/16/2017
21. Haiku- So Cold Is Tonight 10/16/2017
22. Haiku-I Can't Wait To Kiss Her 10/16/2017
23. Haiku - Scary Thunderstorms 10/16/2017
24. Haiku-I Want You All Night 10/16/2017
25. Haiku 10/16/2017
26. Language, Nizar Qabbani's Poem In Hindi Translation 10/16/2017
27. Translation Of An Urdu Poem: I Cannot Call You A Moon By Rahi Masoom Raza 10/16/2017
28. I Am A Vendor, A Poem Of Rahi Masoom Raza Translated From Urdu 10/16/2017
29. She Said: Listen. An Urdu Poem Of Ahmed Faraz In Translattion 10/16/2017
30. It Is The Color Of My Heart - An Urdu Poem Of Faiz Ahmed Faiz In Translation 10/17/2017
31. Closed Path, A Rendering Of A Rabindra Nath Tagore's Poem 10/18/2017
32. The Dog - A Rendering Of Rabindra Nath Tagore's Poem 10/18/2017
33. Celebrate Our Diwali 10/19/2017
34. A Rendering Of Li Bai's Chinese Poem: Thoughts On A Still Night 10/19/2017
35. Haiku - Nagging Wife 10/19/2017
36. Haiku: The First Snow 10/19/2017
37. Haiku - The Old Pond 10/19/2017
38. Haiku - Her First Born 10/19/2017
39. Kiss - A Couplet Of Akbar Merthi In Translation 10/20/2017
40. Paradise - A Couplet Of Ghalib In Translation 10/20/2017

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Best Poem of Ravi Kopra

Three Kisses

That scented oil perfume
rubbed on me when I held you close to me
this morning in the garden and gave you
three long kisses of love.

You were standing still with your eyes closed
when I cupped your beautiful face
suddenly your face turned red
you whole body shook and you said:

Soft waves of warmth are overtaking me
never have I ever felt like this before
I feel my life is beginning...

The fragrance of those scents is still with me
I am not washing myself, nor taking a shower
I want to sleep with your scents tonight
to have you all ...

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Love Came, Two Poems

Love came
by Abu-Said Abil-Kheir

Love came
flowed like blood
beneath skin, through veins
emptied me of my self
filled me
with the Beloved

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